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New traditions with Hermes

Posted by Winifred on December 16th, 2013  •  No Comments »

Recently our sister gave us a most treasured birthday gift. She had engraved for us a dainty silver box with our name and birthday and the words Sister Love. Inside were some of our best memories – she and I dancing together to some of our favorite music from Suriname, our style of dancing totally our own, defying categorization. Us as little girls, our trip to Curacao, her graduation from her Ph.d program, Disney World, there were many. Each memory, a photo scanned onto a tiny card with cutout borders. Notes accompanied each memory, some with our favorite sayings, others with an anecdote about the moment.


It was creative, thoughtful, sweet, heartwarming, loving, precious…a new tradition. There will be more events, more trips, more experiences and we will need more boxes. Maybe one by Hermes like the limited-edition wine trunk. We will commission one, as Sammy Davis Jr. did, his a traveling bar in black crocodile, lined in red leather.


We love crocodile, we would make ours lavender. The inside lined in Hermes scarves. Not a traveling bar, but a treasure box filled with David Webb jewelry, L’artisan perfume, a Bond Street journal, Fantasia cigarettes, and of course a hand fan. There would be a pocket just for the tiny memories. Safari in Tanzania, quiet serenity in the Maldives, Shocking blues and greens of Tahiti, skiing and eating the freshest of seafood in Hokkaido. Maybe we would add a leather bound flask, a nip of Laphroaig along for the ride…


Image via Vanity Fair

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