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In love with Epoxy Resin….

Posted by Winifred on June 9th, 2014  •  No Comments »

We probably have harbored some desire to work with our hands since Demi Moore sat at the pottery wheel in Ghost. We have never yet sat at a wheel, but managed an experience or two decorating something at a Color Me Mine. Kim Novak once discussed her lifelong love for painting, something she started when she became an actress, and would often do during breaks in filming. Juliette Binoche created all of the paintings shown in her new film Words and Pictures. Periodically we too feel nudged to create. Something lasting, something to leave behind.

Along came a workshop at the Met teaching sculpting and jewelry casting, the material used would be epoxy resin, which had first captivated us with Maarten Baas’ ‘Smoke Chair.’ The ‘Smoke’ series consists of furniture that Baas torched, then brought back to life by coating them in epoxy resin. Black epoxy resin, a look we find the most beautiful still. We always thought the entire process so sensual – burning, smoking then treating an object into a unique and exceptional kind of beauty. Of course we would come out for black epoxy resin…


Our first project, creating molds from a soft gummy substance that then hardens into a kind of rubber. Once we had our mold, we mixed epoxy and blended in color. Layer by layer we folded it into the mold, and waited patiently for it to harden into something that still unexpectedly, vividly, perfectly takes the mold’s shape.


The second, filling bezels with layers of resin, depositing colors next to or through each other, each layer contributing more depth and complexity than the previous one. This takes much patience, as it’s best to let layers dry before adding to them. Filling even a small edged bezel may take some hours. But every layer sparks new creativity and a new story to the final piece.


The workshop lasted 5 hours and yet we felt quite rushed, especially through the second half. This means we could have done much more with our bezels, but we love having a laid a foundation. We have the first layer of two pieces that we can choose to add complexity to. Similarly we have the first layer of creating by hand. Now we can add depth and add new stories, like layers of rock, our history to hold…

Image Via Moooi

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