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Super Cuts

Posted by Winifred on November 13th, 2012  •  No Comments »

It was the Chanel Couture show that awed us with the possibilities of paper…
Katsuya Kamo had taken two of our favorite things,
flowers and hats,
and used paper to create beautiful and unusual forms.
Via Hatsmate
We love that Ingrid silakius has stretched our imagination once again, with Super Cuts for T- magazine.
Via New York Times

What if we commissioned a super cut of our logo?  Two Ws interlinked.  Throughout there would be the cuts of different shapes; a hand fan, a tiger tulip and a silhouette.  The silhouette would be of us.  We would be wearing of course, a hat.

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3-D Printing and Obsession Unrequieted

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The possibilities, never ending.  Its creations haunting, exquisite, unfathomable. We, longing, short of breath, craving to touch, dreaming of its beautiful forms.  Then along comes a chance for an encounter,

Escapism by Daniel Widrig and Iris van Herpen

Via Dutch DFA

The Centraal Museum, a presentation, 25 of her works, a 3-D printer where the obsessed can watch up close, right there in front of their very eyes, a creation coming to life.  And we, not there, but far away, longing, still coveting, our hopes yet unfulfilled.  But we know it to be so, only just for now…

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The Book of Job – II

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Job is like a coach to us, one who sometimes drives us to distress, but always pushes us to take a step further and improve the quality of our work.  Sometimes it seems like he…won’t accept limitations. -Jan Tichelaar

Still Life by Studio Job

via Unicahome

We like that – a coach, pushing, no boundaries.  Always questioning: what would be possible if…We like vision, seeing what no one else can see, knowing what is truly there.  We like the big, bold ones, the shiny Robber Baron pieces.  But then we like re-discovering the quiet ones; pressed porcelain.  Porcelain re-imagined, so that we can love it again.  Still life, transformed life,  authentic life…

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The Cube as Inspiration for Being Centered

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We find it pretty, the way it is tall, elegant, definitively imposing.

The Cube by Orange Architects

Via Dutch DFA

The way that there are many things achieved even with a cool exterior reflecting maybe just one.  The way that it has presence drawing us in to look deeper, curious to uncover its secrets; how is it then, those magnificent rotations?  Ah, it is the strength of the core that frees each level from any constraints to volume, design, vision, creativity.  Throughout the core flow a riches of elements.  Some then become alchemists….

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Inspired by the movement of a flock birds, FlyLight a light installation, reacts to you when surrounded, and by the configurations of those surrounding it.

FlyLight by Design Drift

Via Notcot

If we were were in front of Flylight we would approach slowly,  pause,  raise our arms, let our head drop back, turn away.  We would move back, look over our shoulder, approach again, a scarf in our hands now, trailing us, then move closer, this time to the side.  Then we would watch.   We would take our dress, hold it in each hand, lifting it ever so slightly off our ankles, and with sweeping motions move around FlyLight, inviting her to join our dance.  What would be the light of our duet?

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The Book of Job

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We had neglected to share with you one of our more recent delights…

We had a desire and then we sighed, releasing it, trusting it would come to us when the time was right.

The time was right shortly thereafter.  As unassuming as a falling leaf, it floated into our hands.  There – big, heavy, magical, spell binding – it sat before us, as beautiful and beckoning as we had thought it might be.  The details, the embossing, the leatheresque binding, the gold overlay, throughout its pages unfolding romance.

We have been smiling ever since.  We will share with you, as we are indulging…

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Fascinated by the secrets and invisibility of water, in particular the antithesis of structure and chaos, Iris van Herpen takes this as the foundation of her collection. Imagine the transformation of water to crystal, soft and fluid as water, opposed to hard, mathematical structures as ice crystals. Seemingly chaos to structured precision.

We do wish for our chaos

to crystallize -

for it to crystallize with precision for us,

and when it does and finds its form

we hope what is revealed

is beautiful,

and that its beauty may startle us

Crystallization by Iris van Herpen

Via dezeen

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Ne’er a peevish Boy

Would break the Bowl from which he drank in joy;

And He that with his hand the Vessel made

Will surely not in after Wrath destroy.

~Omar Khayyam

L’Ivresse des Bois by Marcel Wanders for Baccarat daily icon

L’Ivresse des Bois by Marcel Wanders, for Baccarat

via Daily Icon

L’Ivresse des Bois by Marcel Wanders for Baccarat

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Niet Zomaar een Gieter…

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“Bakker allows his products to take shape on the basis of analysis so that they can question their usage and, where necessary, give rise to new rituals or break existing patterns.”

…And thus we are thrilled by the new

faucet  to our tub

Watering can by Aldo Bakker

Via Dezeen

and the decanter in which we

let breathe

tulip petals

rose water

and a few drops of

japon noir


Mixing Bowl by Aldo Bakker

for our bath…

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Red Red Wine…

Posted by Winifred on April 30th, 2010  •  No Comments »


full bodied

lingers on the tongue



To these our spirits must adhere,

but for a bottle made of stone

Ben Oostrum's Jenever bottle

Via a29

our poison

might turn clear..

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