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Escape to Belize…

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When Mr. K expressed an interest in visiting the NorthEast coast of Central America, Belize to be specific, our reception was luke warm. Our mood hard to explain. We knew we felt lazy, circumspect, unamused, specific about our requirements for entertainment, uninterested in planes, swimsuit shopping, packing or overseas accommodations. So we thought, lest we leave Mr. K completely disappointed, why not experience Belize, without the traveling? We designed a Belize themed treasure hunt, so Mr. K could enjoy flavors of the land and its dimensions, all in one Saturday.

We thought of 4 things we might experience in Belize:

1. A jaguar preserve

2. Relaxation

Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye

3. The preferred Belizean drink, rum


4. Belizean dessert, milk cake


Jaguars being difficult to find in New York we were lucky there was a cat as beautiful and rare; the snow leopard at the Central Park Zoo. Any trip to the Caribbean must include a massage, a West Village spa would do. Hunger would invariable set in, thus a reservation for lunch in SoHo of aki and salt fish with an extensive selection of rum. And just in time for exhaustion to set in, a last stop in Alphabet City for tres leches cake.

Mr. K was excited from the very first clue sending him to the roof, where hidden in 3 potted plants were the full set of clues each on a handwritten notecard, a map of Belize in a glass rum bottle and two books. The first, a set of travel essays of different countries including Belize. The second, a picture book about Henri Rousseau, the French painter who had never been to Belize but rendered its beautiful jungles vividly and colorfully.

Mr. K then had to unscramble his clues, find his destinations where he was at each surprised by friends, and stay mindful of the time allotted until his next stop. We, the game master, were on call to provide limited answers to questions, orchestrate reservations and participants at various locations and to scoop up our tired hunter at his last stop, whisking him off for an evening of cocktails and dancing.

Mr. K was beside himself. He loved the creativity, the challenge of unscrambling the clues (the waitstaff and patrons at lunch were so intrigued they all began to help) and the concept of an escape while at home. We, loved skipping the boredom that sets in for us at the New York fixation on dinner and drinks, playing puppet master and offering amusement, surprise and childlike fun, all without luggage and passports.

Curious to see what might inspire us next…

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