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Something borrowed of a different hue…

Posted by Winifred on May 1st, 2014  •  No Comments »

Recently we had the opportunity to attend a few bridal wear shows; a romantic sea of white and embellishment, vintage inspiration and a lot of lace. All of it lovely and traditional with hints of Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Onassis, also the Duchess of Cambridge came to mind. Imagery we have so often seen in Central during Summer. Then we remembered that only once we had actually stopped and for 30 minutes were mesmerized in a way we need in our lives again. It was at the Mandarin Oriental New York, outside rather, as the bridal party rode in. The betrothed were from Pakistan, the ceremony a tale from The Ramayana that stopped time as much as it seemed to transport us back.


The groom rode in on a white horse;
we suppose an elephant on the streets of New York would have maybe been too much…


He was wearing a traditional formal coat, a sherwani, off white,
with the most beautiful and intricate embroidery,


He was surrounded by over a hundred guests who filled the street with music,


song, dance, clapping, laughter,


Mostly women, in their traditional wear, saris,


Saris in styles, colors and with embellishments, we never knew to exist,


And as we live for ritual and tradition,


And because of the wide influence of South East Asian culture in Suriname,
particularly Indian and Indonesian,


We savored feeling at home amidst the color, beauty, theatre and
ceremony of this pre-wedding parade,


The bride was already inside the Mandarin, thus we never saw her attire,
or make-up and jewels,


But we can imagine, that what followed the groom after he rode in, would have been even more,


More decadent, more perfectly crafted in detail,
more visually arresting than the brief feast on our eyes.
We look forward to the experience of such a ceremony in full;
saris and 24kt gold suit us…

Images via Tumblr

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3-D Printing and Obsession Unrequieted

Posted by Winifred on October 15th, 2011  •  No Comments »

The possibilities, never ending.  Its creations haunting, exquisite, unfathomable. We, longing, short of breath, craving to touch, dreaming of its beautiful forms.  Then along comes a chance for an encounter,

Escapism by Daniel Widrig and Iris van Herpen

Via Dutch DFA

The Centraal Museum, a presentation, 25 of her works, a 3-D printer where the obsessed can watch up close, right there in front of their very eyes, a creation coming to life.  And we, not there, but far away, longing, still coveting, our hopes yet unfulfilled.  But we know it to be so, only just for now…

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The Book of Job

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We had neglected to share with you one of our more recent delights…

We had a desire and then we sighed, releasing it, trusting it would come to us when the time was right.

The time was right shortly thereafter.  As unassuming as a falling leaf, it floated into our hands.  There – big, heavy, magical, spell binding – it sat before us, as beautiful and beckoning as we had thought it might be.  The details, the embossing, the leatheresque binding, the gold overlay, throughout its pages unfolding romance.

We have been smiling ever since.  We will share with you, as we are indulging…

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Ne’er a peevish Boy

Would break the Bowl from which he drank in joy;

And He that with his hand the Vessel made

Will surely not in after Wrath destroy.

~Omar Khayyam

L’Ivresse des Bois by Marcel Wanders for Baccarat daily icon

L’Ivresse des Bois by Marcel Wanders, for Baccarat

via Daily Icon

L’Ivresse des Bois by Marcel Wanders for Baccarat

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Red Red Wine…

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full bodied

lingers on the tongue



To these our spirits must adhere,

but for a bottle made of stone

Ben Oostrum's Jenever bottle

Via a29

our poison

might turn clear..

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If he has…

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…large hands, firm grip

hair – netjes,

eyes dark, preferably beguiling ones

lips, sweet – maybe dangerous ones

height neck arching

stride commanding

then he too




Lucas Ossendrijver delivers yet another strong menswear collection for Lanvin

Lucas Ossendrijver for Lavin

Via Hellofrancis

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In a New York apartment, maybe?

Posted by Winifred on December 6th, 2009  •  No Comments »

So we’re finding ourselves a bit uninspired these days. Our thirst for beauty is not being met though we admit to perhaps not being entirely in the best place to receive it.

Our mood

has rather


The dark celebration of Gehard Demetz

The dark celebration of Gehard Demetz

We feel grumpy. We feel annoyed. We feel disappointed that we were not exactly blown away by Dutch Design Week. We could barely bring ourselves to discuss it. Amidst all this cleverness we found ourselves wandering in search of beauty like Arctic explorers in a blinding snowstorm…But in our detached and barely awake for it state, we noticed something that someone living in New York could certainly appreciate.

Badkast by Anna van der Lei

Badkast by Anna van der Lei

Though this bath within a closet perked us up, we can’t be certain we would entrust to it some of our more precious wardrobe pieces…

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Mirror, Mirror

Posted by Winifred on May 28th, 2009  •  No Comments »

Narcissus by VanEsch

Narcissus by VanEsch

Most often a mirror is for gazing, at times for questioning and sometimes for reflecting. After gazing we questioned, what might our Narcissus reflect? Would it be, thank you for this journey, thank you for the obstacles, thank you for your perseverance? Or maybe, thank you for your fearlessness, thank you for your exploration, thank you for your open mind? It might also say, thank you for your intuition, your questioning, your searching. But then we would have to add, thank you for your growth, your dynamic style. Surely we would want it to offer, thank you for surprising, thank you for believing, thank you for receiving. We would hope for enough space to thank you for that laugh – disproportionate and loud – for it was there with us always when we needed it most…

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Rose 31 Le Labo

Posted by admin on May 5th, 2009  •  3 Comments »

A spritz or two of rose,

me, at the tip of my toes, my nose in pursuit,

hovering close,

brushing lightly the curve of the base,

I follow rose to the hollow,

there below the ear, savoring,

I take a deep breath in,

holding rose briefly, I release, reluctantly, but rose stays with me,

when I open my eyes,

he smiles knowingly,

how easily I succumb…

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