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In love with Epoxy Resin….

Posted by Winifred on June 9th, 2014  •  No Comments »

We probably have harbored some desire to work with our hands since Demi Moore sat at the pottery wheel in Ghost. We have never yet sat at a wheel, but managed an experience or two decorating something at a Color Me Mine. Kim Novak once discussed her lifelong love for painting, something she started when she became an actress, and would often do during breaks in filming. Juliette Binoche created all of the paintings shown in her new film Words and Pictures. Periodically we too feel nudged to create. Something lasting, something to leave behind.

Along came a workshop at the Met teaching sculpting and jewelry casting, the material used would be epoxy resin, which had first captivated us with Maarten Baas’ ‘Smoke Chair.’ The ‘Smoke’ series consists of furniture that Baas torched, then brought back to life by coating them in epoxy resin. Black epoxy resin, a look we find the most beautiful still. We always thought the entire process so sensual – burning, smoking then treating an object into a unique and exceptional kind of beauty. Of course we would come out for black epoxy resin…


Our first project, creating molds from a soft gummy substance that then hardens into a kind of rubber. Once we had our mold, we mixed epoxy and blended in color. Layer by layer we folded it into the mold, and waited patiently for it to harden into something that still unexpectedly, vividly, perfectly takes the mold’s shape.


The second, filling bezels with layers of resin, depositing colors next to or through each other, each layer contributing more depth and complexity than the previous one. This takes much patience, as it’s best to let layers dry before adding to them. Filling even a small edged bezel may take some hours. But every layer sparks new creativity and a new story to the final piece.


The workshop lasted 5 hours and yet we felt quite rushed, especially through the second half. This means we could have done much more with our bezels, but we love having a laid a foundation. We have the first layer of two pieces that we can choose to add complexity to. Similarly we have the first layer of creating by hand. Now we can add depth and add new stories, like layers of rock, our history to hold…

Image Via Moooi

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Opulent and Refined…

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What else is the seductress to do


But to bathe with Tuberose soaps


By the flames of the red poison apple


Then feast from gold lined plates


Draping herself in diamonds, and


Swaying in pom pom heels


Images Via Lucky Scent, Enarche, BellaBoutique, Pinterest, DL & Co

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Things to look forward to for Summer…

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Unlike most here on the East, we never complained during the long Winter. There was that one day when the puddles of melted snow almost sank our Fiorentini and Baker biker boots and had our poor toes, though not wet, quite frozen. But for the rest we paid it no never mind. We can always stay in sweaters and coats, ear muffs, and woven hats. Besides, what is more romantic than being wrapped around Mr. K while watching glorious fat snow flakes floating down on a sea of blanketed trees and roofs? We can stay entirely in the moment, even when that moments stretches on for months.

But when the sun begins to shine and warm balmy days finally happen, we really light up. We waste no time becoming ever present on the roof deck, finding the open air and sunlight compatible to most anything we might do in a day; meditation, guitar sessions, reading, stretching, cocktails, all meals, even sleeping.

We’ll use Memorial Day Weekend to start off a long delicious season of communing with nature…


Working on our a mixologist credentials and

earning reasons to own a

Buster and Punch Rockstar Bar,


We will start with

Whiskey Ginger’s,

sipping them overlooking the city,


They will give us the courage to rock out

as if we were Nik West,


In a jumpsuit of course,

we might need another,

like this one by Maria Grachvogel,


We really never stop wearing a scarf, in Winter under a fedora,

in Summer tied through our hair,

nonchalantly falling over our shoulders,

at least thats how Diana and we do…


But the most heavenly of all,

is lounging languorous and sweet,

basking with contentment and harmony,

in all of our blessings,


A refined, passionate, meditative peace

that sings,

can you feel the brand new day?

Images Via ShrimptonCouture, BusterandPunch, NYTimes, Pinterest

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New traditions with Hermes

Posted by Winifred on December 16th, 2013  •  No Comments »

Recently our sister gave us a most treasured birthday gift. She had engraved for us a dainty silver box with our name and birthday and the words Sister Love. Inside were some of our best memories – she and I dancing together to some of our favorite music from Suriname, our style of dancing totally our own, defying categorization. Us as little girls, our trip to Curacao, her graduation from her Ph.d program, Disney World, there were many. Each memory, a photo scanned onto a tiny card with cutout borders. Notes accompanied each memory, some with our favorite sayings, others with an anecdote about the moment.


It was creative, thoughtful, sweet, heartwarming, loving, precious…a new tradition. There will be more events, more trips, more experiences and we will need more boxes. Maybe one by Hermes like the limited-edition wine trunk. We will commission one, as Sammy Davis Jr. did, his a traveling bar in black crocodile, lined in red leather.


We love crocodile, we would make ours lavender. The inside lined in Hermes scarves. Not a traveling bar, but a treasure box filled with David Webb jewelry, L’artisan perfume, a Bond Street journal, Fantasia cigarettes, and of course a hand fan. There would be a pocket just for the tiny memories. Safari in Tanzania, quiet serenity in the Maldives, Shocking blues and greens of Tahiti, skiing and eating the freshest of seafood in Hokkaido. Maybe we would add a leather bound flask, a nip of Laphroaig along for the ride…


Image via Vanity Fair

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Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

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It began with the beautiful line-up of cars for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. We wanted to just enjoy something rare and stunning, something we do not often get to see.


Then we thought about how lovely it would be to attend the Concours d’Elegance. Surely, a setting such as this, in Monterey, California, deserved a style choice timeless and beautiful, but in celebration of the craftmanship and design from the past.


Then we saw Danielle and Jodie Snyder, sisters and founders of Dannijo Jewelry, styled like this


And when we read the story, in celebration of sisterhood we appreciated that the Glamourai could lead us from celebrating the superficial, extravagant toys for our visual delight, to celebrating that which is all that matters. Love, family and sisterhood of all kinds…

Images Via Business Insider, The Glamourai

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The Cuff Refined

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We don’t often perk up for a cuff.  On the one hand we do appreciate the strength it conveys, on the other, we gravitate toward finer pieces, more delicate, preferably more interesting. But lately, we have seen our eye wander toward the more hardware looking type of cuff. Even less delicate than usual, stronger than we have ever liked and used in ways different than we had considered.





We love the luxury of changing one’s mind…

Images Via Fashiolista, Purseology, Haper’s Bazaar, Beads Lace and Shoes

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The Lady vs. The SUV

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Recently, we hosted a couple from out of town. We wanted to show them different parts of the city and hired a car to take us around. Mr. K requested an SUV providing us plenty of space to ride around in comfort. And there was, as the car that came to meet us was a GMC, three rows of seats included. Immediately we felt unease. The car had a high floor, requiring us to step up into it, and the third row was situated behind the back door. There was only one way in, inelegantly, rear end high in the air, confronting all parties involved and innocent passers by.

With sadness, we made our way in, a recognition of what it might feel like to be 11 years old on your way to soccer practice, being ferried about by your mom. There was no grace in twisting into the back row, not even a gentleman’s hand could smooth out the contortions required to be seated. This was a box meant to entertain a group of men on their way to a bachelor party. It was not suitable for a lady, there was no hint of the refined.

At that moment we thought of the one thing that could be our rescue. A suitable sedan. A glamorous, sleek, low to the ground, purring, minx of a sedan.


The kind that would allow a simple bend at the knee,


A graceful slide in,


And offer the appropriate cradling of our body, a place of relaxation, happiness, warmth, a return to all things civilized…only ever Mercedes.

Images Via Motortrend

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The Notecard, The Essence of Refinement

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There are some things about us that you should know: We adore paper. We still handwrite a to-do list in a notebook with lined paper, we keep a written journal and we send handwritten notes. In a world refined, there truly is no other way. Paper is not only elegant and a mark of distinction, paper is quite luxurious, and in the hands of certain craftsman, decadent.

Recently we found ourselves at a floral boutique in search of a bouquet for a birthday. Of course we were moved by the fragrance of so many a Rose and Hydrangea, then distracted by the deep mauve of a Calla Lilly. But then something rich, textured, gold and colorful caught our eyes. A stack of notecards, sitting gracefully, even unassuming, upright in a Bernard Maisner box.

The card stock was heavy, the edges lined in pink, and beautiful creatures and designs adorned each one.

We first saw a crown (it could also be that is what we chose to remember first),


Then a dragonfly,


Then a scallop, which we chose to interpret as a hand fan,


And then we knew we found another element to our world refined. The flowers we
don’t recall, though we are confident they were received well. What we do know is that the boutique had the good taste to carry these notecards, their flowers surely fell in line….

Images Via Bernard maisner

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We have to admit this particular trend never quite swayed us.  We did not find it elegant or even feminine and were shocked at how some we have admired seem to have latched on to it for life.  We save our most ardent disapproval for those over 5’8 who rather than becoming statuesque, appear simply to be in drag.  The platform heel has for us reached a level that can now be considered nothing short of vulgar.

So, for sometime now, we have chosen to avert our eyes, to cross this blight on fashion out of our field of vision - to see no evil.  For us, these have ceased to exist.  Except for one moment, when we slowly, with fingers covering our eyes, allowed ourselves the quickest peek and discovered, that our obsession with 3D print design, can turn even us skeptics, us who have vilified and called for burnings at the stake,

Biomimicry Shoe by Marieka Ratsma  and Kostika Spaho

by Marieka Ratsma and Kostika Spaho

into lovers…

Via Dezeen

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Favorite moments Couture Week

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We love the concept of couture clothing: extravagant, individually made, strictly for the rich.  It is sometimes an opportunity to be daring and to make other statements.  Three such statements quite appealed to us:


Beading and fringe,

the mood – gypsy


Leather & Suede

the mood – warrior princess

A veil for every occassion


A veil

A touch of mystery for any occasion.

(we would wear this out constantly,

it would be our signature…)

Ulyana Sergeenko

And then there are always looks that interest us but that we have not yet dared to fully embrace or the opportunity has not yet presented itself.  But we make note of it, knowing that one day it will.  And we will own it, as if we had owned it all along.  As if it were simply meant to be ours…

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