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Lotus Dome

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The Lotus Dome is made out of hundreds of aluminum folded flowers which unfold in response to human behavior.  Positioned in the shadowy interior of the Sainte Marie Madeleine Church, the flower leaves remain motionless, that is up until a visitor approaches. Initially, they open up one after the other, letting their light glow from inside.

Lotus Dome by Studio Roosegaarde

Via Yatzer

As they walk around it, the light of the invisible, almost living creature, breathing in and out, obediently follows them around, casting intricate reflections around the dark church’s walls.

Opening up, letting one’s light glow…perhaps the Dome ought teach us about that.

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Before you there was only darkness,

a perpetual night with only occasional glimmers of light.

Before you there was no reason for anything.

But then you let me in and my life began again, and you filled me

with a joy I never even knew was possible.

A joy I might only imagine

the times when I would dream of you.

Now when I look up and I see you there, I realize

it was you I always wanted.

I waited for you my whole life, I needed you for so long

and I promised that if I were allowed to experience you again,

if destiny should seek for us to be reunited,

I would never stop working to earn your love,

I would never stop working to earn your trust,

I would never stop working to earn your warmth,

your beauty, your many special and unique ways.

I would never stop working to earn the taste you give to me

every time that I am with you.

I would never stop working to earn the fullness that only you can bring.

Nothing before you means anything,

nothing before you exists…

Everything is for you.

Happy Independence Day Suriname!

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Haarlem, not 125th

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Dear Gazelle,

was there ever a sweeter bicycle than you

that could inspire us on a perfect and sunny day

to take a ride to Westerpark

and then simply make a left on Haarlemmer weg?

And that would inspire us to stay riding for over an hour

along the way gazing over here








crossed the bridge





and as we walked through


Oude Kerk

img_0499 we said

a little prayer


that our legs might survive

the long road

leading us back

to Amsterdam…

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Naarden Vesting en Jan des Bouvrie

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We love an adventure.

We like to discover things.

We wanted to discover Naarden

and het Arsenaal.

Het Arsenaal

We thought the trip to Naarden would be fun. We were told getting there would be easy. We like that 1 metro and 2 bus rides later – one of which had to be hailed from the side of a high way – we were undeterred, still committed to the goal. It was about 20 minutes into our walk when



started to

look up a bit.


We were finally approaching

the walled city

of Naarden


a star-shaped vesting


a lovely

city hall


and we continued on until we reached the collection of shops

that make up

Het Arsenaal

Moooi at Jan des Bouvries

Moooi at Jan des Bouvries

where we could explore

its unique setting


and around every corner find a surprise,

especially the surprise of a courtyard

where we almost



we were still in Holland.

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