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Dar al Masyaf

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As we start to ponder Winter destinations, already prepared for that time of year when the city will be overrun by tourists, 5th Avenue will be a claustrophobic sea of shopping bags and we will invariably have to point someone toward Serendipity, we naturally think of where we might replicate our time at Dar al Masyaf, the Jumeirah resort in Dubai. Essentially meaning, Summer Houses, Dar al Masyaf is a luxurious yet authentic Arab Courtyard inspired hideaway.


The stand alone two story houses overlooking the waterways are quiet and serene and offer the kind of privacy incomparable to the standard hotel style of rooms stacked on rooms towering into the sky. Even when you just have to leave the comforts of your peaceful nest for other parts of the resort, gondolas can be found at all times gliding along the waterways, still offering serenity, a quiet courtyard tour.


Of course there is great service, private butlers for the house, attendants everywhere, golf carts ferrying the lazy (that would be us) to any area of the resort. A staff hailing from 21 different countries each with their own story of leaving home, family and children, for Dubai to make a better life. Each more gentle, kind and more courteous than the next and willing to steer the unknowing to a most delightfully simple and flavorful breakfast called fools medames.


Every detail hit the highest note. What we could do to improve upon perfection; being armed with the proper essentials. Leather goods for organization,

Valextra Passport Holder

Valextra Passport Holder

Quiet poolside moments with an epic Persian poem,

Shahnameh (The Book of Kings)

Shahnameh (The Book of Kings)

The scent of sandalwood and rose,


Always a hand fan,


And loose silhouettes for balmy desert nights….

Donna Karan SS14

Donna Karan SS14

Images via Dar Al Masyaf, WSJ, Design Sponge, Basenotes, Barneys, Fashionology

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In Search of Halston…

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Halston + Bianca Jagger

Photo by Ron Galella / WireImage

We were always a fan.  Who can adore the 70s and not adore Halston?  The jersey dress, the flowey, wearable sheaths.  The hats.  We admit to pangs of “era envy!”  Ahhh to be a Halstonette…Who was he, that owned this time of glitter, decadence, sexiness, glamour and style?  Finally there were answers.  Finally we saw the film.  Of course, we loved it.  Every moment such a scene.

Halston at his home

He, always in a black turtleneck.  The cigarette forever dangling in his hand.  And the casual genius with which he created beauty.  His aesthetic so glamorous yet effortless.

At least for a spell we were there, transported, diaphanous in white, dancing the night away.  Oh what a night…

Photo credit: Nikolas Koenig

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The Book of Job – II

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Job is like a coach to us, one who sometimes drives us to distress, but always pushes us to take a step further and improve the quality of our work.  Sometimes it seems like he…won’t accept limitations. -Jan Tichelaar

Still Life by Studio Job

via Unicahome

We like that – a coach, pushing, no boundaries.  Always questioning: what would be possible if…We like vision, seeing what no one else can see, knowing what is truly there.  We like the big, bold ones, the shiny Robber Baron pieces.  But then we like re-discovering the quiet ones; pressed porcelain.  Porcelain re-imagined, so that we can love it again.  Still life, transformed life,  authentic life…

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If he has…

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…large hands, firm grip

hair – netjes,

eyes dark, preferably beguiling ones

lips, sweet – maybe dangerous ones

height neck arching

stride commanding

then he too




Lucas Ossendrijver delivers yet another strong menswear collection for Lanvin

Lucas Ossendrijver for Lavin

Via Hellofrancis

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Frozen in Time

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Hold still, hold time, hold brightness

a taste, sweet bitter fleeting

a sound laughter, crying

eyes dark, probing

starry skies,






wieki somers: frozen in time designboom

frozen in time by Wieki Somers



in time…

wieki somers: frozen in time design boom

Via designboom

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Daydreams Philadelphia Museum of Art

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We wandered into the wild world of Wanders and we wondered

Wouldn’t it be fun if

in addition to

revisiting some of our loves

Skygarden Lamp by Marcel Wanders

Skygarden Lamp by Marcel Wanders








beautiful lines



new antiques armchair

new antiques armchair by Marcel Wanders

Via Unicahome

we had instead

been taken by surprise

with a close-up of

something decadent, something marvelous, something fantastic

Antelope by Marcel Wanders for Bisazza

Antelope by Marcel Wanders for Bisazza

Via Bisazza

and we could daydream of taking a ride

different than any we’ve taken before?

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We suffer when…

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We have always known that we prefer things.. a touch cleaner than most. We recoil in dismay at what others barely notice. It’s best not to describe our routine when using public bathrooms. Thus we suffer a bit from the relentless contact of strange hands with our food. No tissue paper in sight at any bakery, no gloves to handle poultry or fish, soiled hands dig greedily into piles of fruits and vegetables, zucht…These moments force us to close our eyes and take a breath. Moments that require us to liberate our minds from the spoiled experience and focus on the things that do continue to please – fresh squeezed orange juice and compelling cappuccinos everywhere. We cope….

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Vondel Park

Posted by admin on May 13th, 2009  •  2 Comments »

Vondel Verses by Anouk Vogel and Johan Selbing

Vondel Verses by Anouk Vogel and Johan Selbing

Via Dezeen

Every so often we realize that the child in us holds much sway over our tastes. We never quite got over the elfin world of Galadriel, and the work of Natalie Shau makes us envious. We like the way she stirs sweetness with a little bitter; her light holds the allure of the dark. It reminds us of the lovely leaps of our stomach when as a child we would tread dangerously close to the forbidden. Vondel Verses, the new furniture designed for Amsterdam’s Vondel Park, makes us excited for the forbidden. We like the strength of cast iron benches that suggest a heavy gate. They don’t so much seem intended for sitting as they are protective, keeping us out, holding something back. The daffodil shapes of the lamp posts are noncommittal. At first glimpse, daffodils, but a second look may reveal something other. And the ivy patterns of the kiosks, is there a secret message in those swirls? Though the furniture is intended to be romantic there is a strong hint of mischief. Vondel Verses wants to take us on an adventure. We will gladly come along…

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