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Opulent and Refined…

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What else is the seductress to do


But to bathe with Tuberose soaps


By the flames of the red poison apple


Then feast from gold lined plates


Draping herself in diamonds, and


Swaying in pom pom heels


Images Via Lucky Scent, Enarche, BellaBoutique, Pinterest, DL & Co

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Mad Men, twists, turns and slight relief…

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So this is what it was like around the late 60s. Change, experimentation, resistance and a fight for things to stay the same. It was well reflected in last night’s episode of Mad Men. We can’t decide if this environment would lead us to choose the alternate realities offered by LSD, or force us to stay completely sober so as not to be blind sided by all the strange fast moving projectiles being hurled from all around.

Megan and Don’s relationship went so headspinningly fast from divorce, to making up, to her being jealous over a pregnant niece whom she quickly pays off to disappear, to surprising Don with a threesome. {Quick aside, this very plain, very dirty, very unappealing girl, was hardly enough to make us believe Megan’s jealousy. We really needed her to be much more Robing Wright in Forrest Gump to make it work.} We feel much like Don, we want off this bumpy road that is Megan’s unhappiness. We want badly for this mismatch to end but we know the producers want us to pay for reveling in Don’s misbehaving. Somehow Megan’s control of him feels far more egregious than any of his play…

Mercifully, the threesome marks a turn in the rise of Don – his return to work having been an excruciating dismantling of the king. A minor victory was scored with Phillip Morris as he cleverly interrupted a secret meeting to convince them he’s still their guy even after he betrayed them in the past. Phillip Morris seems convinced, and we are also relieved to believe once again.

We wish for Peggy, before the show ends, to experience some minor lift in her life. From the flowers she mistakenly thought were from Ted to her painful relationship with her new boss, to somehow being chosen to watch Ginsberg unravel before her very eyes. Her only solace and companionship now, the son of an unhappy upstairs tenant. Peggy can bear all disappointment, slights, disregard and oppression, but Ginsberg coming to her apartment on a Saturday and then assaulting her, required for us a much bigger reaction, even from as restrained a character as her. We saw her collapse previously, we suspect Ginsberg offering up to her his nipple may be the final straw. Toward renewal we hope, not her undoing…

Is Betty really so bad? Did she not handle it gracefully and with style when her son gave away her sandwich on the school field trip she attended with him? Going a whole afternoon with no opportunity to eat would surely present to us absolute cause for a complete meltdown, especially since we would not have cigarettes to back it up. Yes, we know mothers should not have meltdowns, but it was quite hurtful and we suffered her pain. Recently we watched a neighbor’s son berate her and the doorman for 10 minutes for allowing him to miss his school bus. We can only imagine what she would think of Betty’s suggestion that motherhood was her prize, no job, or other accomplishments needed. Who can fault Betty for slowly, but always regally, cracking at the seams at the sudden realization that maybe this isn’t so…

We don’t like Lou, and know we are not meant to. We choose not to spend too much time discussing him. It’s our review, we focus on the parts of the show that appeal to us, not those that make us turn away. We enjoyed watching him be mocked. We hope he continues to be unmasked, unclothed and revealed for the weak and irrelevant being he is.

It’s been a difficult season; we just can’t imagine on what satisfactory notes this show will come to an end…

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Golden Eye – 24kt Skin Care

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Surinamers love their gold. Our jewels have cultural meaning and we select most of our pieces based on what our spirit (our “yeye”) tells us we need. Usually protection, guidance, strength, love. We rarely seek spiritual meaning behind our skincare routines. Now comes an opportunity to do both.


Recently, we discovered KollagenX 24KT gold eye serum. A collagen and nano gold (tiny particles of gold) infused serum that is said to smooth away signs of aging and dark spots. We do love serums for their concentration and for their fluid texture which penetrates the skin. Though we were amused by the concept of gold infused skin care and felt the packaging would make a lovely addition to our beauty shelves, we did not expect to find the product very compelling. Nonetheless, we were open to try the serum. When we came across the KollagenX line, we first tried the face mask. It too is gold and in addition to appearing like a cross between a mardi gras mask and Friday the 13th, it has a quite slippery texture.


The mask is packaged in rosewater, and once one gets past the slippery, almost creepy texture and feel, you are left with a cooling sensation that starts to feel fresh and soft. We left ours on for a brief 10 minutes, but we did feel at the very least, there were possibilities for cooling and relaxation after a stressful day and perhaps a freshening of the skin. This got us hopeful about the serum which we sampled at home over several days.

Can we just say we love it? The serum truly hydrates sensitive under eye skin, leaving it brighter, softer and firmer. Particularly when the eyes are a bit puffy or not quite as rested as they should be, we found the serum offered a nice, instant perking up of the skin. We felt protected, almost as if the serum gave us the ability to take the skin back to its former state, undoing the damage from the night before. KollagenX’s About Page, claims their Nano Gold Technologies were in fact discovered as an alternative to plastic surgery. We cannot speak to that just yet, but let’s see if we have other experiences with their products and notice their claims to be true…

In the meantime, we adore the serum and are sad to see our sample go. Once in a while when we use it, a fleck of gold stays on the skin. A new kind of birthmark for us, apropos for our yeye…

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Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia

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We came across Velvet Gardenia when it was already discontinued. The saleswoman behind the Tom Ford fragrance counter introduced it to us anyway, as it was part of the Private Blend Collection of 12 exclusive fragrances. After sniffing our way through the 12, Velvet Gardenia is the one we picked and that it is when we were told it had been discontinued. There was only 1 bottle left, the saleswoman informed us, we would have to purchase it now or never again enjoy the intoxicating blend of orange, jasmine, rose, muguet, and incense among others. That was easy, we took our bottle and began a slow journey into floral darkness and mystery.

Velvet Gardenia was discontinued, it was explained to us, because it was not an easy fragrance. People either loved it or hated it. We, though on the side of loving it, understood the hate also. It is not light and crisp as Gardenia can often be in perfumes, but woodsy, thick, velvety, animalic, all the things we love. Velvet Gardenia is rich, luxurious, a bombshell. It is not for daily wear and not for everywhere.

Pefumes, like cigarettes, though technically all about your enjoyment, do impact everyone around you. Secretly, we enjoy the scent of wood, smoke, earth, civet. Others may not agree with animalic scents and we do our best not to burden them with it. Still quite scarred from our mother’s generous use of Opium as a child, we are mindful of indulging our scent proclivities, subtly, quietly under the radar even.

As Velvet Gardenia was discontinued, this was yet another reason to be gentle in our use. We use it as what we call, an accent; rather than spraying it on ears and neck with abandon, we will sometimes use it to spray our clothes. Velvet Gardenia is the kind of scent that transfers beautifully and flavors fabrics gorgeously. We love it on our scarves with which we tie our hair and will use it on things not generally perfumed. We think creatively, never wanting to overwhelm with a scent and certainly never wanting to push Mr. K’s welcome nose away…

Do you have an accent scent? How do you like to use it?

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