A stay at Frank’s house with Michael Kors…

Posted by Winifred on September 16th, 2013

Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels

Recently we learned four things about Michael Kors; He vacations in Palm Springs where he stays at Frank Sinatra’s estate with a piano shaped pool. He only recently watched The Bodyguard (we still have not…) He outfitted Renee Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair. He began his business at 21 and today there are 388 Michael Kors stores in 85 countries incuding Kuala Lumpur.

We also learned that the billowy sleeved dresses of thirty years ago, he has kept feminine, fresh and refined and Palm Springs ready…

Michael Kors S2014

Michael Kors S2014


They would be just the thing to wear hosting dinner at Frank’s house. The house is available to anyone by-the-way, for a mere $2,600 a night…

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