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The Fisherman of Saint-Louis

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Vivian Sassen is in her photography, interested in raising questions, she says. 

We questioned the effect that her photograph had on us.

The fishermen of Saint-Louis by Viviane Sassen

via NY Times

We are riveted by the tangled legs, the colorful clothes, the endless water.  The shadows even more marvelous than the men giving it shape.  We are transfixed, our eyes traveling the image over and over, stirring us with an overwhelming and turbulent beauty that washes over us, pinning us in our seat.  We don’t know what it means to us exactly, we know it feels personal and that with every glance we feel at once joyous, satisfied, tranquil, surprised, and always grateful.

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Super Cuts

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It was the Chanel Couture show that awed us with the possibilities of paper…
Katsuya Kamo had taken two of our favorite things,
flowers and hats,
and used paper to create beautiful and unusual forms.
Via Hatsmate
We love that Ingrid silakius has stretched our imagination once again, with Super Cuts for T- magazine.
Via New York Times

What if we commissioned a super cut of our logo?  Two Ws interlinked.  Throughout there would be the cuts of different shapes; a hand fan, a tiger tulip and a silhouette.  The silhouette would be of us.  We would be wearing of course, a hat.

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