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À une Dame créole

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In the perfumed country which the sun caresses,
I knew, under a canopy of crimson trees
And palms from which indolence rains into your eyes,
A Creole lady whose charms were unknown.

Her complexion is pale and warm; the dark enchantress
Affects a noble air with the movements of her neck.
Tall and slender, she walks like a huntress;
Her smile is calm and her eye confident.

If you went, Madame, to the true land of glory,
On the banks of the Seine or along the green Loire,
Beauty fit to ornament those ancient manors,

You’d make, in the shelter of those shady retreats,
A thousand sonnets grow in the hearts of poets,
Whom your large eyes would make more subject than your slaves.

~ Charles Baudelaire

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It requires 23,000 spiders to produce 1 ounce of silk.  Spider silk is in fact, the finest silk, and was no longer produced after the 19th century, until Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley decided to revive the art of weaving it.  Three years and 1.2 million golden orb weaver spiders later, from the highlands of Madagascar, came this:

It would be greedy for us to covet an entire cape,

but if we had an audience with Messrs Peers and Godley,

we would gently request a hand fan,

with a tassel dangling from its nape…

Via Yatzer

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About Face

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All the faces were there, Beverly, Christie, Paulina, Isabella, Pat…The photos stunning, the memories even more so.  But one stood apart from them all.  One was as alluring, captivating, dramatic and as glamorous as the photos promised.  The shock of platinum blond hair, swept to the side, the waves fanning out, yet trailing her.  Her face, prominent, announcing itself, regal in its every expression.  The elegant hands, long delicate fingers, perfectly long fingernails – shade of polish, nude.  A pinky ring (we adore them)!  The black shirt, unbuttoned, multiple strings of necklaces cascading from a long, erect neck.

At the end, wearing a checkered bell sleeve coat, she twirls, a perfect, ballerina-like, twirl.

To be a woman has never looked more beautiful.

Carmen Dell’Orefice
Photos via NY Times, Daily Mail

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Eiwit Zeep

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We had heard rumors.  It was not only one of our favorite food items, it was also beautifying.  Stir, apply, let it harden, then rinse.  That is what we heard.  But we found it messy.  It seemed the kind of effort one makes once, but can never quite work into a routine.  But suddenly, it appears, there might be a way.  Moisten, lather, then rinse.  No drip, no cracks, no drying, no waste.  Wouldn’t it be delicious if perhaps it also had a nice scent?

Eggwhite Soap

Via Everbrite Mercantile Co

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