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We have to admit this particular trend never quite swayed us.  We did not find it elegant or even feminine and were shocked at how some we have admired seem to have latched on to it for life.  We save our most ardent disapproval for those over 5’8 who rather than becoming statuesque, appear simply to be in drag.  The platform heel has for us reached a level that can now be considered nothing short of vulgar.

So, for sometime now, we have chosen to avert our eyes, to cross this blight on fashion out of our field of vision - to see no evil.  For us, these have ceased to exist.  Except for one moment, when we slowly, with fingers covering our eyes, allowed ourselves the quickest peek and discovered, that our obsession with 3D print design, can turn even us skeptics, us who have vilified and called for burnings at the stake,

Biomimicry Shoe by Marieka Ratsma  and Kostika Spaho

by Marieka Ratsma and Kostika Spaho

into lovers…

Via Dezeen

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Favorite moments Couture Week

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We love the concept of couture clothing: extravagant, individually made, strictly for the rich.  It is sometimes an opportunity to be daring and to make other statements.  Three such statements quite appealed to us:


Beading and fringe,

the mood – gypsy


Leather & Suede

the mood – warrior princess

A veil for every occassion


A veil

A touch of mystery for any occasion.

(we would wear this out constantly,

it would be our signature…)

Ulyana Sergeenko

And then there are always looks that interest us but that we have not yet dared to fully embrace or the opportunity has not yet presented itself.  But we make note of it, knowing that one day it will.  And we will own it, as if we had owned it all along.  As if it were simply meant to be ours…

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In Search of Halston…

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Halston + Bianca Jagger

Photo by Ron Galella / WireImage

We were always a fan.  Who can adore the 70s and not adore Halston?  The jersey dress, the flowey, wearable sheaths.  The hats.  We admit to pangs of “era envy!”  Ahhh to be a Halstonette…Who was he, that owned this time of glitter, decadence, sexiness, glamour and style?  Finally there were answers.  Finally we saw the film.  Of course, we loved it.  Every moment such a scene.

Halston at his home

He, always in a black turtleneck.  The cigarette forever dangling in his hand.  And the casual genius with which he created beauty.  His aesthetic so glamorous yet effortless.

At least for a spell we were there, transported, diaphanous in white, dancing the night away.  Oh what a night…

Photo credit: Nikolas Koenig

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