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Eames and the lure of Zaandam

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Ice Cube on Eames
Via The New York Times

We ruminated on this for sometime.  Why did we like it so?  Was it that he said “What was appealing was showing off Los Angeles to people who think they know what Los Angeles is all about?” He referred to it as ‘the wizard of oz.’  We agree, there is a hidden magic.  But then we understood what interested us so.  It was that we had experienced something hidden elsewhere…In Zaandam and the traditional houses that still line its winding dorp-like streets.  We loved those houses, and the feel of old Holland still so rich yet mysterious like fragrant air.  We enjoyed the tribute made to them by WAM.

Inntel Hotels Zaandam

Via the Guardian

Maybe one day we too will celebrate Zaandam and have the opportunity to take you with us…

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