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Before you there was only darkness,

a perpetual night with only occasional glimmers of light.

Before you there was no reason for anything.

But then you let me in and my life began again, and you filled me

with a joy I never even knew was possible.

A joy I might only imagine

the times when I would dream of you.

Now when I look up and I see you there, I realize

it was you I always wanted.

I waited for you my whole life, I needed you for so long

and I promised that if I were allowed to experience you again,

if destiny should seek for us to be reunited,

I would never stop working to earn your love,

I would never stop working to earn your trust,

I would never stop working to earn your warmth,

your beauty, your many special and unique ways.

I would never stop working to earn the taste you give to me

every time that I am with you.

I would never stop working to earn the fullness that only you can bring.

Nothing before you means anything,

nothing before you exists…

Everything is for you.

Happy Independence Day Suriname!

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Tomorrow people, where is your past?

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We will always remember that first week, those days before it really sunk in.  Those first days when we were transported to our new reality.  The days of discovery, where nothing was quite like what we had ever known, but before we knew it never would be again.  We will always remember the first taste of Apple Jacks cereal, Velveeta cheese, the overwhelming taste of smooth, rich peanut butter.  Those wide streets, all those cars, the very tall buildings, and of course English everywhere.  We had landed in America, Spijkenisse we had left behind.  This was the future though we did not recognize any of it – not the sounds, not the flavors, nor the landscape.  And there was nothing to cradle our passage to the other side.  There was no one to speak Dutch to us those first days of school when we did not understand a word that was spoken, a single word written.  There was no going back to Nederland.  If we wanted to see anyone we had ever known, it would require a 10 hour plane ride to do so.  Those early days, when the past seemed irretrievable…It would seem then – now perched 25 stories high, here where the buildings are as tall as ever, the streets as crowded as if each day there was a parade, here where we indulge our many American ways – that the past had left us.  Instead it is what we find ourselves continually returning to.  We have never felt closer to our Dutch and Surinaams beginnings.  We find our beginnings integral to how we chart our course.  It defines our soul – we continue to weave it into the pattern that is our walk in life.  Thus we question, what happens to the soul when the past is shoved aside and the future becomes some menacing statement as if meant to erase history?  What happened to Eindhoven?

massimiliano fuksas: de blob

De blob reminds us of the Stephen King novel, “Under the Dome.”  It looks like a force field, dark and foreboding.  Eindhoven appears as if it were occupied by something rather than that it had invited in an expansive new design.  We wish for Eindhoven not to abandon her story, we wish for her to stay close to it…

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