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It was his eyes, peaceful but mesmerizing, that drew us to him. His physique, tall, incredibly strong, made us feel small and at his mercy. We reached out to touch him, tentatively, to feel the warmth of him – he felt soft and smooth. When he looked up it made us quiver, unsure he would receive us in the way we wanted him to. We hoped he would choose us, surrender to us, let us lead. We hoped together we would move beautifully.

We wondered,

how long until he would be


out of our hands?



Though never easy,

oftentimes moody, mostly,

he’s just right…

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We suffer when…

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We have always known that we prefer things.. a touch cleaner than most. We recoil in dismay at what others barely notice. It’s best not to describe our routine when using public bathrooms. Thus we suffer a bit from the relentless contact of strange hands with our food. No tissue paper in sight at any bakery, no gloves to handle poultry or fish, soiled hands dig greedily into piles of fruits and vegetables, zucht…These moments force us to close our eyes and take a breath. Moments that require us to liberate our minds from the spoiled experience and focus on the things that do continue to please – fresh squeezed orange juice and compelling cappuccinos everywhere. We cope….

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De vissersvrouwen van Enkhuizen

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We found it difficult to avert

our eyes once confronted with

this image of

fisherman’s wives awaiting the return

of husbands who might forever

be lost at sea

Gejaagd door de wind by Maarten Schets

Gejaagd door de wind by Maarten Schets

of course,

we wanted more

of course,

we went to Enkhuizen



so that we might


oud Nederland


by way



‘Gejaagd door de Wind’



a sort of

treasure hunt

which caused us

to feel some hesitation

when first,

we were led here..


..and surprised us

when we

landed here


And as we drew closer to

the vissersvrouwen

we felt quietly



by this celebration

of Dutch traditional clothing


and delighted

by every



Hats by Elizabeth van der Helm

of just

how glamorous

a fish wife

can be…

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