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Perspective Chair

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It’s called Perspective. It was designed by Pharrell Williams in collaboration with Domeau & Pérès. The chair represents the love between a woman and man.
Perspective Chair by Pharrell Williams

Perspective Chair by Pharrell Williams

Occasionally we suffer bouts of self importance that lead us to believe the designer should tailor their work to match our tastes and desires rather than their own. Such is the case with this chair. Though not Dutch, not particularly clever and not quite beautiful, we were moved by the perspective. But for all the innuendo of this design, we are mostly left cold. We suspect we could be far more likely seduced by a chair that exudes warmth and passion in its craftsmanship; something that gives us the sense that the designer’s own hands touched it, assembled it and carved his vision to life. This chair makes us want for the warmth of wood, the seduction of black, the strength of an epoxy finish, the passion of manual labor. We wish to commission a re-make.

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No Screw No Glue

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Candelabrum by Joost van Bleiswijk

With a name like Winifred, it should be no surprise that we have an affinity for traditions more of the Victorian kind. What we wouldn’t do for a chamber maid to draw our baths and there were times after a work out, we were left so fatigued and weary, we sincerely felt only a personal dresser could see us through. Thus, we immediately fell for Joost van Bleiswijk’s candelabrum. Though striking and clever in its modern assembly, the candelabrum exudes the slightly dark and mysterious aura of another time. We rather picture it carried by a brooding Mr. Darcy rushing a dark, foreboding hallway, anxious to find his Elizabeth. It’s as if the candelabrum has witnessed and then captured many a deep and dark secret. We feel we could entrust it with ours…

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Theatre Spijkenisse by UNStudio

Contemporary architecture frequently leaves us wanting. We find ourselves bored by an excess of glass and the intrusion of angles and curves intended merely to push the boundaries of technology, rather than those of good taste, comfort, beauty. We find ourselves desperate to escape the global eliptical assault the Zaha Hadids have inflicted upon us. We do not necessarily find Theatre Spijkenisse to be a clear exception but we are warm and fuzzy all over because it’s Spijkenisse!! Spijkenisse is where we lived in Holland before embarking on our journey to America. Spijkenisse is where we had our first boyfriend, g.v.f. Spijkenisse marked the end of the first chapter… We are curious and excited to experience this new addition to the city we left behind. Spijkenisse will be surprised by us, as we will be by her. Not so, g.v.f. He still likes to pull our pigtails and kick dirt on our feet because he loves us. Someday, many years from now, we will visit Spijkenisse with him. We will not be young anymore, but we will giggle profusely. Just as we did back then.

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